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 per cat​


If there are signs of periodontal disease and/or if extractions are needed, the fee may be higher.


  • Dental exam
  • General anesthetic
  • Full prophylaxis 
  • Teeth polishing
  • Extractions as needed
  • Antibiotics as needed

An exam of your pet is needed before we can schedule an appointment for teeth cleaning and/or extractions.

Generally speaking, for pets older than 7 years, we recommend pre-anesthetic blood work and xrays prior to scheduling the appointment.  There are some exceptions, based on overall health of pet, pet's breed, and owner's ability to obtain the pre-dental lab work.  Unfortunately, currently we do not offer these services, so they would need to be performed at a regular veterinary facility.  Please provide us with a copy of the lab results and overall diagnosis of your pet's health condition so that we may move forward with scheduling its dental appointment.

In the event any infection is present in the teeth/gums/mouth of your pet, your pet cannot have teeth cleaning performed without first being placed on antibiotics for a period of at least 10 to 14 days prior to the teeth cleaning.

Do NOT give your pet any food or water within 8 hours of arriving for the dental appointment.   

PLEASE CALL US for an appointment or for more information, or you may complete the "PATIENT INTAKE FORM" and the "RELEASE & WAIVER FORM" found on the lower left corner of the page entitled "To Schedule an Appointment".   Submit the forms to us via email or fax and we will contact you to arrange a pre-dental exam and to schedule the dental appointment.





 per dog​

* Call for pricing & eligibility requirements for Dogs over 50 lbs​

A Certificate of Sterility, Post Surgical Care Instructions, and a Vaccination Certificate (if applicable) are provided to pet owners upon discharge of their pets.




 per dog​

* Call for pricing & eligibility requirements for Dogs over 50 lbs​

PLEASE GO TO OUR CALENDAR PAGE to view eligibility requirements and specific details on each particular clinic.  SPECIALLY SPONSORED EVENTS are often held at even further REDUCED PRICES or FREE OF CHARGE. 

Prices above include all of the extras listed below (when and as applicable).  There are no "hidden" charges.  We provide the same high-quality services and use the same high-quality products at every clinic we perform. 

Certain participation eligibility requirements may be necessary to qualify for certain clinics.  Please view our website "CALENDAR" for details of each scheduled clinic. You may also contact us at heart4pets.info@gmail.com or call (714) 993-9193 for more information.

Our Spay & Neuter Clinics are offered to pet owners who have a financial hardship which prevents them from having their pets fixed at a regular veterinary hospital.

Appointments are necessary, and the number of appointments are limited.  To schedule an appointment, complete and submit the forms on the "To Schedule an Appointment" page.  We will contact you thereafter to secure your appointment.

Pets must arrive at the clinic between 7:00 am - 7:30 am.  Late arrivals might not be accepted and pets on our waiting list will instead be taken.  Pets are discharged the same day of surgery and owners will be notified by phone when to pick up their pets.

It is important that upon your check-in at the clinic, you provide us with the best contact number at which you can be reached on the day of your pet's surgery.  

If owner does not arrive within 30 minutes of that phone call, a late pick-up fee will be charged in the amount of $25 up to the first 15 minutes owner is late, and $25 for each 15 minute period thereafter.  Pets will be assumed abandoned if not picked up within 2 hours of that phone call unless owner has contacted us to make other arrangements.  The local animal shelter may impound any pet which is considered abandoned under these terms. It shall be the responsibility of pet owner to contact that shelter and take the necessary steps to retrieve the pet from that shelter.

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   ●    Microchip implantation ($20) (includes microchip registration fee)
   ●    Application of flea & tick control medication to any pet requiring immediate treatment ($10)

   ●    Cryptorchid procedure if the retained testicles are located in the abdominal cavity which necessitates an

          exploratory or extensive surgery ($45 - $90 depending on involvement)
   ●    Repair of large umbilical hernia over 1 cm in size ($25 - $40 depending on size)
   ●    Removal of retained deciduous (baby) teeth if complicated ($10 - $15 per tooth depending on extensiveness)
   ●    Extraction of adult teeth (quote shall be provided to owner prior to procedure)
   ●    Ear Flush ($15 - $35 depending on severity)
   ●    Vaccinations & De-Wormings (See prices listed on Vaccine Prices page)

   ●    Hind Dew Claw removal - unattached only, no bone involvement ($25)

   ●    Comfy Cone E-Collar (when available):  $10 [small] $15 [med] $20 [lrg/x-lrg]

Services Offered at Additional Fees

   ●    Exam
   ●    Anesthesia
   ●    Surgery
   ●    Cryptorchid surgeries if testicles are within the external inguinal canal
   ●    Tattooing at the incision site on female pets
   ●    Repair of small umbilical hernia

   ●    Removal of retained deciduous (baby) teeth (routine/non-extensive)
   ●    Nail trim (if needed)
   ●    Antibiotic injection 
   ●    Pain injection

   ●    Pain medication sent home with owner

   ●    "Betsy" E-Collar sent home with owner  (Comfy Cone E-Collars available on a limited basis - see details below) 

   ●    Pets in heat (however, it is preferred that pets are not in heat as it poses a higher surgical risk to pets due to               additional bleeding) ​ 

Services Included With Each Spay/Neuter Procedure