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Pre-Surgery Instructions

Do NOT allow Pet to have access to water or food within eight (8) hours prior to Pet’s scheduled appointment time. (This does NOT apply to rabbits, as they must be allowed access to food and water at all times).  It is, however, important that you allow your pet to have access to water up until or as close as possible to that cut-off time.

Owner will be notified in advance of the time to drop-off Pet for surgery.  Time depends on the number of appointments and types of surgeries scheduled for that particular clinic day.  As such, there may be two shifts wherein there is a morning drop off (approximately 7:30 am) and an afternoon drop-off (approximately 12:30 pm).

It is recommended that prior to surgery, pre-surgical blood work, urinalysis, and chest xrays be performed on any Pet older than 7 years of age at a regular veterinary facility.  We understand that due to financial circumstances involved with many pet owners seeking low-cost or no-cost sterilization, a pre-surgical work-up (testing) may not be an option for the pet owner.  In that instance, it will be left to the discretion of our attending veterinarian whether the surgical procedure will be performed without the completion of the recommended presurgical testing.  Regardless of whether or not the recommended pre-surgical tests are performed, if Pet is found or suspected to have any underlying physical condition which may potentially render it a high risk patient, the SCVVC may decline to perform the procedure.

Pet will undergo a surgical procedure for the purpose of sterilizing the Pet to render it incapable of reproducing offspring.  In the event any other procedure, treatment, or medical care is performed at the time of the sterilization, it shall be conducted only with the prior consent of Owner or as otherwise described in the terms explained herein, or as may apply in a situation where it is deemed necessary by the SCVVC attending veterinarian to help protect the immediate health, welfare and safety of Pet.

EMERGENCY medical care will always be rendered to Pet in the event of any complications or other unforeseen medical situation which necessitates immediate medical intervention as an attempt to save the life of the Pet.  Such emergency care may be required prior to, during, or post surgery.  Any transportation, medical, and/or other fees incurred relating to such emergency care is the sole responsibility of OWNER.  All such services shall be provided at Owner’s expense. Owner shall pay SCVVC the total amount due for said services prior to Pet’s release to Owner.

SCVVC maintains the right to refuse service to any Owner if deemed appropriate or in the best interest of Pet, Owner, or the SCVVC.  In the event SCVVC chooses to cancel an appointment, notwithstanding cancelling due to the above requirements not being met, a full refund shall be provided to Owner.  Said refund shall be provided within seven (7) business days.