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It is MANDATORY in certain cities and unincorporated areas of various counties that pets be microchipped, as well as spayed or neutered.  While enforcement of these ordinances will not take place at our clinics, it is strongly recommended that all pets be spayed or neutered, and that all pets be microchipped.  Spaying, Neutering & Microchipping saves lives!!!

All pet owners are provided with a copy of their pet's Certificate of Vaccination.  HEART does not provide duplicates for lost Certificates, so please maintain...

All clinics are held on a first-come, first-served, basis with the following exceptions:

1)  Cats will be seen upon their arrival and upon the completion of the necessary paperwork.  Cat owners should notify a HEART staff member of their presence immediately upon their arrival at any of our clinics.  They will then be directed to the respective area accordingly. Cats should arrive during the first half-hour of the scheduled clinic. 

2)  People who have a physical condition which limits their...

We welcome your questions!  Please feel free to ask any questions you have concerning the health and welfare of your pet or any other animal-related question, including questions regarding animal behavior or socialization issues.  We are happy to provide information and education which can assist in promoting long, healthy and happy relationships between pets and their guardians.

Other Rules and Guidelines

Other General Participation Information

Pet owners or caretakers of pets must be 18 years of age or older to participate.  

All dogs must be on leashes with proper collars or harnesses.  Dog collars must be snug, but not tight.  A dog is easily able to pull out of its collar and escape if the collar is too loose. 

All cats must be in secure carriers.  Cat harnesses with leashes can also be used WITH the carriers.

All pets must be controlled by...

Our Priority Policy

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Participation Requirements

ALL PET OWNERS, REGARDLESS OF WHERE THEY RESIDE, ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND ANY OF OUR LOW-COST MOBILE VACCINE CLINICSYou do not need to be a resident of any particular city or county to attend any of these events.

TO RECEIVE A 3-YEAR RABIES VACCINATION CERTIFICATE FOR YOUR PET (as opposed to a 1-year Certificate), YOUR PET MUST BE OVER THE AGE OF 1 YEAR, HAVE HAD A PRIOR RABIES VACCINATION AT LEAST 12 MONTHS EARLIER, and YOU MUST PROVIDE PROOF OF THAT VACCINATION administered by a veterinarian licensed in the United States.  Under certain circumstances and at our discretion, we may also possibly accept a license renewal notice from the appropriate Department of Animal Services as valid proof that your pet received a prior Rabies vaccination.  In the event your pet's Rabies vaccination is more than one year over-due, a 1-year Rabies vaccination with a 1-year Certificate will be issued.  Once we have issued your pet's Certificate of Vaccination, it can not be modified.  

​♦   Bring other vaccine records with you to the clinic if possible

♦   If you have a CAT, proceed immediately to our Cashier's table  

♦   Flea & Tick Control is available - price depends on pet's weight  

♦   Free Cursory Exams are provided when pet is vaccinated

♦   Nail trims are available if time allows   

♦   Anal sac (gland) expression   

♦   DOGS MUST BE ON LEASHES & CATS MUST BE IN CARRIERS (no cardboard carriers allowed)  

♦   We can NOT vaccinate pets which are nursing puppies/kittens less than 4 weeks old, or pets which may be pregnant, sick, or           have had a prior vaccine reaction (other than soreness or mild lethargy)  

♦   Pet licensing is usually available at our clinics - please bring your pet's license renewal notice with you if you need to obtain             licensing  

You will receive a copy of your Vaccination Certificate and post-vaccine care instructions after your pet has been vaccinated.  Please keep the Certificate in a safe place.  WE DO NOT PROVIDE DUPLICATES/COPIES OF LOST OR DESTROYED VACCINE CERTIFICATES.  

WARNING:  IF YOUR PET HAS EVER EXPERIENCED AN ADVERSE REACTION TO A VACCINE, PLEASE TAKE IT TO A REGULAR VETERINARY HOSPITAL FOR ANY NEEDED VACCINATIONS!  Your pet will require medication prior to receiving a vaccine and most likely post-vaccine medication, as well as observation and monitoring for several hours after receiving its vaccination.  A regular hospital is better equipped to attend to your pet if it experiences an allergic reaction to a vaccine. ​ Under these circumstances, it is also recommended that your pet receive only one vaccination at a time, waiting at least four weeks before receiving any other vaccination.  You should also discuss with your veterinarian the risks to your pet if it receives additional vaccines so that an educated decision can be made as to whether or not any vaccines other than a Rabies vaccine should be administered.  In cases of severe reactions to Rabies vaccines, your regular veterinarian can also complete an Annual Rabies Waiver Application on your behalf to be submitted to the proper animal services agency.