Healthcare & Emergency Animal Rescue Team

a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization

"On the Road Saving Lives"

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Our Mission Statement

HEART - Healthcare & Emergency Animal Rescue Team is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to saving lives and improving pet and wild animal health, safety, and welfare.  (FIN 45-2483357)

Through our mobile unit, we are "On the Road Saving Lives" by providing much needed medical care, rescue, adoption assistance, disaster response, education, and important resources for pet owners.  

Our organization's roots center around the growth of communication and education which is the key to a better world for pets and their families.  Reaching out to people of diverse backgrounds in many communities, the SCVVC provides vital education, assists in broadening public awareness, promotes responsible pet ownership, and inspires pet owners and non-pet owners to become proactive in important animal welfare issues.  

We will continue our mission by continuing to do everything in our power to:

  *  Decrease the risk of zoonotic and other diseases and parasitic infestations through providing proper             preventive pet health care;

  *  Decrease the number of unwanted pets through spaying and neutering;

  *  Decrease the number of abused and neglected pets through providing medical care, educating the                 public and rehabilitating pets; and

  *  Decrease the number of unnecessary euthanasias and other fatalities by performing the above services.