Other Rules and Guidelines

​It is MANDATORY in certain cities and unincorporated areas of various counties that pets be microchipped, as well as spayed or neutered.  While enforcement of these ordinances will not take place at our clinics, it is strongly recommended that all pets be spayed or neutered, and that all pets be microchipped.  Spaying, Neutering & Microchipping saves lives!!!

All pet owners are provided with a copy of their pet's Certificate of Vaccination.  The SCVVC does not provide duplicates for lost Certificates, so please maintain your copy in a safe place.

Pet owners should use common sense to ensure their pets are protected from extreme weather conditions.  In warm weather, pet owners should bring a bowl and water for their pets.  Do NOT leave your pets inside your vehicle while you are standing in line!  Pets can over-heat and dehydrate just as people can.  In cold weather, pet owners, especially those of young puppies, young kittens, small-size pets, or those with little or thin fur/hair, should make sure that their pets are kept warm through the use of a blanket or by other means.

Pet owners are responsible to clean up after their pets (out of courtesy to others and by law)!  We do not furnish supplies for cleaning up pet feces, so please bring your own plastic bags to take care of any messes made by your pet! 

Usually there is a waiting line, so arriving early to the event is recommended.  You must be in line prior to the closing time of the event to be eligible to participate.  However, at some locations, we are required to close promptly at the "closing time" of the clinic, so please arrive early to ensure that your pet will be seen.   

The SCVVC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who does not comply with the requirements as stated above, or who conducts him/herself in a manner which is dangerous, distasteful, or discourteous to others, or who has a pet which cannot be controlled by the pet owner. 

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