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It is always recommended that your pet have regular check-ups by your regular veterinarian to monitor your pet's health and to discuss other important preventive health care.

There is no guarantee of preventing a pet, or a human for that matter, from contracting disease.  HOWEVER, there are solid measures that pet owners can take to tremendously decrease the risk to both their pet and themselves.   Certain diseases, viruses, and parasites such as Rabies, Hepatitis, Tapeworm, and more, are zoonotic in nature which basically means they can be transmitted between species, including from animals to humans and vice versa.

Having good hygiene habits and taking other precautionary measures play an important role in keeping your pets and your family healthy. 

Due to outbreaks of highly contagious and potentially fatal diseases, we suggest you take the following precautionary measures for your pet:

1)   Do NOT allow your pet to come in direct contact with other animals until it has received it's ENTIRE SERIES of vaccinations.

2)   Do NOT allow your pet to have access to any area where other pets could have previously been kept or traveled.  

3)   Keep your pet inside your house as much as possible until it has received its full set of vaccines.  Even your own backyard poses a threat to your pet from flies which carry certain disease such as the Parvo Virus.  

4)   Do NOT handle your pet after touching other pets until you thoroughly disinfect your hands.  Remember that viruses such as PARVO, a virus which carries a high mortality rate, can live a long time on clothing, bowls, toys, patios, carpeting, and other surfaces.

So, until approximately one week after your pet has completed its initial series of vaccinations ... NO walks, NO playing in parks, NO playing in the front yard, NO visits to pet supply stores or friends homes, and NO pet friends over to visit your pet unless they are healthy and current on their vaccinations!

Keeping Pets Safe from Disease