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Eligibility Requirements

For the safety and welfare of all of our patients, Pet must be healthy to undergo surgery.  Any pet exhibiting signs of illness or having a notable abnormal skin condition will not be considered for surgery.

Pet must be current on the vaccinations described below.  Proof of these vaccines should be submitted along with the Patient Intake Form or at some point prior to your pet’s surgery date.  Acceptable proof is a Vaccine Certificate issued by a licensed United States veterinarian.  Required vaccinations:  (Cats):  Rabies & FVRCP (FELV is recommended but not required).  (Dogs): Rabies, DHP, Bordetella & Parainfluenza.  In the event a valid Vaccine Certificate is not provided, SCVVC will obtain Owner’s authorization to administer the required vaccines.  OWNER will be notified of the vaccine prices prior to administering vaccines.

Owner shall be responsible to pay the fees associated with those vaccinations prior to Pet’s discharge.  OWNER understands that it may take up to one or even two weeks for a vaccine to provide adequate or anticipated immune response for protection against viruses/disease.

Pet must not have an infestation of fleas, ticks, or other parasite.  If fleas or ticks are found on the Pet, SCVVC will apply an appropriate flea/tick medication to Pet.  Owner must notify SCVVC if Pet has received a flea/tick control product within 4 weeks prior to its surgery date, including, but not limited to, shampoos, dips, sprays, topical suspension (drops), oral medical, or flea/tick collar.  Owner will be responsible to pay $10 for the cost of the flea/tick medication prior to the time Pet is discharged.

Pet must weigh at least four (4) pounds.

Pet must be at least fourteen (14) weeks of age.

We do not perform sterilizations on female pets which are past the first trimester of pregnancy or female pets in heat.

SCVVC may decline to perform a procedure on Pet if the above requirements are not met.