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Post -Surgery Care Instructions

A printable version of our COMPLETE Post-Surgery Home Care Instructions can be found on the "Post-Surgery Care" page.

Regardless of when your pet is admitted for surgery, it will not be released until it is fully awake and deemed safe to be discharged.  Payment for all services rendered is due at the time of your pet's discharge.  

You will be contacted approximately one-half hour prior to when your pet will be ready to be picked up.  It is important that a phone number be provided at which you can be contacted.  We will work with you as much as possible to arrange a convenient time to pick up your pet; however, factors such as the number of surgeries on that day and ensuring that your pet is completely awake and stable from the anesthesia, will determine the actual discharge time for your pet.

Pain medication will be dispensed to you to administer orally to your pet at home.  Other medications or a prescription for medications such as antibiotics might also be dispensed to you if deemed necessary.  Medication dispensed by the SCVVC may be in the form of a vial, pill envelope, or other type of container which is NOT child-proof, pet chew-resistant, or claw-resistant and should therefore be kept out of the reach of children and pets.  However, you may specifically request a pill vial with a child-resistant cap in lieu of the other container at the time of picking up your pet.

To help prevent your pet from opening or irritating the incision site, it is advisable for your pet to wear a protective, post-surgical collar (“E-Collar”) until the surgical site has completely healed.  An E-Collar can be purchased for $5.00.  It is a bit awkward for pets while wearing E-Collars, so you should make the necessary adjustments to your pet’s surroundings such as moving its water and food bowls away from walls to make it easier for your pet to maneuver around and access the water and food.  Household objects which could be inadvertently caught or knocked over by the E-Collar should be removed or secured.